Saddle Lake Farms


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Saddle Lake Farms (SLF) is a 184 unit (lot) residential community in North Shelby County Alabama, located just South of the Colonial Promenade Shopping Center at I-65 exit# 238, and is within the city limits of Alabaster, Alabama, and thus each unit (home) has its mailing address in the City of Alabaster (35007).

SLF was established in 1995 as a Land Condominium, with a 19 acre fully stocked and professionally maintained Lake, Nature Trails, and other areas which comprise the "Common Areas". Each unit owner has ownership of their lot, and a prorata portion (1/184) of the common areas.  Unlike typical condominiums, as a Land Condominum, SLF units are separate from each other, each for holding an individual single family home, but with each unit owner also owning (a prorata share of) the Common Areas.

SLF, comprised of the 184 individual units plus the Common Areas, is managed by its homeowners association, "Saddle Lake Farms Association, Inc." (or just SLFAI), which was also established, and its incorporation registered with the Alabama Secretary of State, in 1995. Each unit owner is thusly a member of the Association, and SLFAI is lead by a 5 member Board of Directors.

You probably have lots of questions and hopefully the below links will answer many of them, but please don't hesitate to contact any board member (listed in "Contact Info" link below) with any questions, comments, or concerns.