Alabama Code: Condominium Ownership Act

Section 35-8-1 Short title.
Section 35-8-2 Definitions.
Section 35-8-3 Applicability of chapter.
Section 35-8-4 Units to constitute real property.
Section 35-8-5 Unit ownership, possession and enjoyment.
Section 35-8-6 Common and limited common elements.
Section 35-8-7 Establishment of condominium property; contents of declaration.
Section 35-8-8 Unit deeds and other instruments.
Section 35-8-9 Duties and responsibilities of association for administration and management of property.
Section 35-8-10 Bylaws of association.
Section 35-8-11 Recordation of documents and instruments.
Section 35-8-12 Liability, actions and service of process.
Section 35-8-13 Common expenses and limited common expenses.
Section 35-8-14 Prohibited work.
Section 35-8-15 Taxes, special assessments, etc.
Section 35-8-16 Liens against condominium property generally.
Section 35-8-17 Liens in favor of association.
Section 35-8-18 Blanket mortgage on condominium property.
Section 35-8-19 Mortgage investments on condominium property.
Section 35-8-20 Termination of condominium.
Section 35-8-21 Construction and application of building or zoning laws, ordinances and regulations.
Section 35-8-22 Chapter to be liberally construed.