Alabama Code: Article 4 Protection of Condominium Purchasers.

Section 35-8A-401 Applicability; waiver.
Section 35-8A-402 Liability for offering statement requirements.
Section 35-8A-403 Offering statement - General provisions.
Section 35-8A-404 Offering statement - Condominiums subject to development rights.
Section 35-8A-405 Offering statement - Time shares.
Section 35-8A-406 Offering statement - Condominiums containing conversion buildings.
Section 35-8A-407 Offering statement — Condominium securities.
Section 35-8A-408 Purchaser's right to cancel.
Section 35-8A-409 Resales of units.
Section 35-8A-410 Escrow of deposits.
Section 35-8A-411 Release of liens.
Section 35-8A-412 Conversion buildings.
Section 35-8A-413 Express warranties.
Section 35-8A-414 Effect of violations on rights of action; attorney's fees.
Section 35-8A-415 Labeling of promotional material.
Section 35-8A-416 Declarant's obligation to complete and restore.
Section 35-8A-417 Substantial completion of units.