Alabama Code: Article 3 Management of Condominiums.

Section 35-8A-301 Organization of unit owners' association.
Section 35-8A-302 Powers of unit owners' association.
Section 35-8A-303 Board members and officers.
Section 35-8A-304 Transfer of special declarant rights.
Section 35-8A-305 Termination of contracts and leases of declarant.
Section 35-8A-306 Bylaws.
Section 35-8A-307 Upkeep of condominiums.
Section 35-8A-308 Meetings.
Section 35-8A-309 Quorums.
Section 35-8A-310 Voting; proxies.
Section 35-8A-311 Tort and contract liability.
Section 35-8A-312 Conveyance or encumbrance of common elements.
Section 35-8A-313 Insurance.
Section 35-8A-314 Surplus funds.
Section 35-8A-315 Assessments for common expenses.
Section 35-8A-316 Lien for assessments.
Section 35-8A-317 Other liens affecting the condominium.
Section 35-8A-318 Association records.
Section 35-8A-319 Association as trustee.