Alabama Code: Article 2 Creation, Alteration, and Termination of Condominiums.

Section 35-8A-201 Creation of condominium.
Section 35-8A-202 Unit boundaries.
Section 35-8A-203 Construction and validity of declaration and bylaws.
Section 35-8A-204 Description of units.
Section 35-8A-205 Contents of declaration.
Section 35-8A-206 Leasehold condominiums.
Section 35-8A-207 Allocation of common element interests, votes, and common expense liabilities.
Section 35-8A-208 Limited common elements.
Section 35-8A-209 Plats and plans.
Section 35-8A-210 Exercise of development rights.
Section 35-8A-211 Alterations of units.
Section 35-8A-212 Relocation of boundaries between adjoining units.
Section 35-8A-213 Subdivision of units.
Section 35-8A-214 Monuments as boundaries.
Section 35-8A-215 Use for sales purposes.
Section 35-8A-216 Easement rights.
Section 35-8A-217 Amendment of declaration.
Section 35-8A-218 Termination of condominium.
Section 35-8A-219 Rights of secured lenders.
Section 35-8A-220 Master associations.
Section 35-8A-221 Merger or consolidation of condominiums.