Saddle Lake Farms Association, Inc.
2018 SLFAI Annual Assessment Amount
This Page Last updated on: 11/2/2017

The 2018 (Calendar Year) Base Regular Annual Assessment Amount:   $425.00   (Link to Assessments & Collections Policy)
The 2018 (Calendar Year) AIP Discount:   $10.00   (Link to AIP Description)

For each property's Assessment Account, the annual (regular) assessment due will be this amount, adjusted for any balance due or credit on the account that was carried-forward from the prior year. The actual amount due for a particular property will be specified in the annual assessment notice. Such notice will be sent via U.S. Mail early in the year. Assessments are due at the start of the year (assessments are on a calendar year basis), and, in order to avoid late fees and penalties, they must be paid in full by March 15th (of the year for which they are due).

The Annual Notice (sent early in the year) will have all info needed for paying your assessment (amount, where to mail, etc.), and you should receive it in a timely fashion for you to remit your payment before delinquent (March 15), but if you wish to otherwise make a payment, please consider the following:

The following "drop-down" box provides links to Assessment Amount info for other years: