Dear Neighbor,

I'm sending this to you after we just talked regarding setting-up your password for our website access.  You should be able to use your username and password for all your SLF website access.  If a page ever specifies a particular type or level of password, the type of your password is "Individual" - this means it allows you and only you to view personal info, like your assessment account statements, for example.

There are two different web technologies used on our site, so, depending on where you go, you might be asked a second time for your login info (username and password).  But, unless you specifically "Log Out", you should not have to supply these data more than twice, during the same browser session.

A good test of your login credentials (username and password) would be to first access your personal assessment account statements ("Accounts" link on homepage), and then to access PhotoCentral, the repository of photos from various social events in the neighborhood (“Photos" horsehead-type link on homepage).  These two parts of the website use the two different web technologies, and both test the uniqueness of your password (e.g., only yours will let you see your Assessment Account info).  If you have any problems with access of either of these pages, or any issues with any part of the website, please contact me.

One facility that I hope will be of use to you is the "Recent Updates" page.  You get here by, from the homepage, clicking on the "WEBSITE LAST UPDATED" link.  This page lists the changes that have been made to the website, according to the date the changes were made (in descending chronological order, so most recent entries are at the top and seen first).  This keeps you from having to peruse the entire website every time you visit it, just to see what has changed.  Just review this list to see if what you are interested in has changed since your last visit.

Please start at homepage ( and poke around, familiarize yourself with the site and see what all's out there - I hope you'll find the site informative and helpful.  But if you have any difficulties, suggestions, questions, or comments - please feel free to contact me via email or phone.

Thanks for using our community website!

SLFAI Webmaster

Click (Mail2Webmaster) to send a message to the Webmaster if you have any questions, comments, etc.